History of O.S.I.A.
Founded by Dr. Vincent Sellaro in 1905 the OSIA has grown to include lodges in 35 states, Grand Lodges in 19 states and lodges in two provinces of Canada. There are 70 lodges in New York State. 
 The founders wanted to unite all Italian-Americans under one banner to preserve the rich culture,  heritage, and language of Italy, here in America.   
Dr. Sellaro's goal was to promote a positive image of Italian-Americans through philanthropic, civic, and community activities. Supporting education and charitable causes are the mainstays of todays OSIA.  OSIA celebrated it's 100th Anniversary in June 2005
The Order operates under the principles of LibertyEquality, and Fraternity.
** Liberty- OSIA supports the basic ideals of the United States, where people are individuals and can freely express their ideas in speech and in the written word.

** Equality- All members are equal and are equal partners in this organization. OSIA does not make distinctions as to race, color, or religious choice.

** Fraternity- OSIA believes in the concept of family. We expect our members to be supportive and helpful to one another in good times or in bad times.

There are three levels of organization in 
O. S. I. A.  
They are as follows:
** National- SUPREME LODGE- (officers elected at National Convention)  The Supreme Lodge sets goals and coordinates activities for the state lodges. They set the national by-laws and have approval over all state by-laws. Visit:  www.osia.org 

** State- GRAND LODGE- (officers elected at State Convention)  The State Lodge informs all filial lodges in their state of the goals and activities of the national and state lodge.  They set the state by-laws pending approval of the state delegates.
Visit:  www.nysosia.org

** Local- FILIAL LODGE- (officers elected by the membership)  The local lodge carries out the mandates of the Grand Lodge along with running their own personal programs.  The local lodge informs the community of programs and the charitable works of O.S.I.A. They may set their own local lodge by-laws.  Geneva Lodge 2397 is a Local Lodge, one of over 80 lodges in New York State. Our lodge was founded in 1977 and has been an intregal part of the local community for 30 years.
How the Geneva Lodge Functions
The Geneva Lodge functions the same way most fraternal clubs do.....
** MONTHLY general assembly membership meetings are  held to keep the members informed regarding lodge busniess, lodge functions, correspondence, and end  with a social gathering of the members.

** MONTHLY council meetings of all elected officers are held to conduct the business of the lodge. This meeting also encompasses Home Corporation business. The Home Corp. is this legal owner of the lodge building and operates the lodge bar.

** YEARLY elections of:  all lodge offices; delegates to the Grand Convention; Committee of Arbitration

Committees  help keep the lodge operating.  Committees of the Geneva Lodge 2397 are as follows:
** Kitchen committee
** Building committee
** Equipment committee
** Bar committee
** Bingo committee
  - other committees are solicited to run special events      during the year.

General Lodge Purpose:
The purpose of any local lodge is simple. We promote fraternity amongst our members, and extend that fraternity to the community at large. We work to preserve the rich cultural heritage and language left to us by our ancestors. We provide programs, both social and educational, for our members. We try to present a positive image of Italian Americans to counteract negative stereotyping.  
Second we try to raise funds.  Why do we spend so much time raising funds you might ask??  Number one, we need capital to run the lodge and pay our bills.  
We also need funds to support the varied needs of our membership and most importantly to support the dozens of charities we donate to on the national, state, and local community level.  We support both local and state scholarships.      This is why we need every member to help out when called upon!!
Main fundrasing activities of the Geneva Lodge 2397
**BINGO- Bingo takes place every Sunday night at   One third of the net profit goes to charity.

**BELL JAR- This is sold at Bingo an at the bar.  One third of this net profit also goes to charity.

**SUMMER FESTIVAL- This is the biggest one time event fundraiser of the year. All members are encouraged to help out!!     

**210 CLUB- This is a ten week long fundraiser used to help send our delegates to the state convention.

** SCHOLARSHIP DINNER - Our annual fund raiser to help support the local lodge scholarship program       

**TURKEY PARTY- This is a turkey and cash raffle.  Proceeds go to the general fund.    

Please go to the ACTIVITIES page to see a complete listing and discription of all of the various events that take place here year round.

Dr. Vincent Sellaro
Founder of OSIA
The Geneva Lodge also does in house catering for all types of parties and weddings for up to 200 people. We have a large dining hall and a separate bar and lounge area for your enjoyment.
We also rent our rooms and our outdoor pavilion for all types of activities. Call us at 315-781-2242 for details.
The Geneva Lodge 2397 was founded in 1977 when a local group of Italian Americans were brought together through the sponsorship of the lodge in Auburn, NY. This new lodge rapidly grew to over 400 members, with John Iannapollo serving as the first Venerable ( President).

The lodge has had three homes during it's 36 year history, first meeting in a converted bowling alley in downtown Geneva. In 1979 the lodge moved it's meeting site to the Masonic Temple on S. Main St. and continued to raise funds with the goal of securing a permanent home.

In 1981, through the efforts of then President Al Liberio, a recently closed school building was purchased. Extensive renovations were started, most done by the skilled tradesmen among the membership. Finally, in 1983, a Grand Opening was held, with many Grand Council members in attendance. The lodge remains here at 31 Prospect Ave. to this day, with the current membership continuing the legacy of our founders and providing a voice for the Italian American community in this area. 
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IPP Jamie Kaim
Recording Sec. Steve Muzzi
V. P. Sam Cosentino
President Mike Cutillo
Financial Sec. Paul D'Amico
Treasurer Avis Marino
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Geneva Lodge 2397
Culture & Heritage Committee
Genealogy Project
" Sharing Your History and Lineage"

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